EndoFaster 21-42

EndoFaster 21-42 is the medical device that integrates the endoscope making it more powerful by providing REAL TIME analysis of gastric juice

Endofaster 21-42 - Live Endoscopy Demonstration - Endolive 2014

In this video it's shown how Endofaster 21-42 works in a endoscopy room in Endolive 2014 in Rome.
Prof. Guido Costamagna and Prof. Mário Dinis Rebeiro explain the benefits of the real time diagnosis and the saving cost.

Gastric juice is a source of precious information which, provided in real time, enables the endoscopist to improve and integrate gastroscopic examinations by comparing the outcome of visual inspection and chemical testing.

Instantly compared data and visual inspection improves diagnostic capacity and bioptic sampling strategy. And, even the pathologist is then alerted about any anomalies.


How EndoFaster works